Winter/Predator Hunts

Cougar Hunts are conducted with 4 by 4’s, snow machines, and hiking. We start December 1st and hunt until January 15th provided the snow conditions allow for tracks to be found for your desired specie.  Hunters may take additional animals of lynx, wolf, and coyote for an extra trophy fee. Hunters need to be prepared for wading through the deep snow, use of snowshoes to get to your treed animals.  Our guides and hounds men are very experienced with their own hounds. They do this for a living not a hobby and are very good at what they do.

Lynx are plentiful in this region if you are interested in small cats, or taken as a second animal on a Cougar Hunt. Wolf and Coyote are also available, mainly as an incidental animal.

Wolf only hunts are conducted in January-March over baits. It depends on if they are around. I take interested clients on a call list. If the Wolves are coming into the baits a call out to you is made to come. You have to be flexible on coming on short notice to be successful.
moose hunting in bc
moose hunting in british columbia
Moose Hunting in British Columbia
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