Rates and Dates

moose hunting in bc


                                                           PRICE LIST  2019 -  2020

MOOSE                                                       MULE  DEER
Sept. 10 - 17  Eight Days                             Nov. 1 - 10  Ten Days
Sept. 20 - 27  Eight Days                             Nov. 21 - 30  Ten Days
Oct. 02 - 09  Eight Days                               Fee - 1 hunter 1 guide $7,800.00 U.S. plus tax $390.00
Oct. 14 - 21  Eight days                               Moose add on- $2500.00 U.S. plus tax $125.00                              
Nov. 08 - 15  Eight Days
Fee - 2 hunters 1 guide  $7,800.00 US each plus tax $390.00  Wolf included no charge
Fee - 1 hunter 1 guide  $9,400.00 U.S. each plus tax $470.00  Wolf included no charge
Additional animals may be taken on these hunts provided you have purchased a tag prior to the hunt.

Additional Fee                                                WINTER HUNT5
Mule Deer - $2,000.00 U.S plus tax                Mountain Lion- Eight Days-$8,500.00 U.S.                Black Bear -2,000.00 U.S plus tax                  Lynx - Eight Days- $6,000.00 U.S. plus tax $300.00
                                                                           Wolf - Five Days- $3,500.00 U.S. plus tax $175.00

May 04 - 11 Six Days                                    May 02 -09       
May 11 - 18 Six Days                                    May 09 - 16                 
May 12 - 19 Six Days                                    May 16 - 23                             
May 18 - 25 Six Days                                    May 23 - 30
Fee- 2 hunters 1 guide   $4,000.00 U.S.  Each plus tax $200.00 Licence and 1 tag included
Fee-- 1 hunter 1 guide    $5,000.00 U.S.  Each plus tax $250.00 Licence and 1 tag included
A second Black Bear can be taken  for an extra fee of $2,000.00 U.S. plus tax $100.00 and a Wolf - No Charge

Non-hunting companion- $250.00 U.S. per day plus tax.
Dates quoted are hunting days, you arrive the day before the hunt and will be met at the airport upon arrival or if driving at a specified location in Quesnel and depart the day after the hunt.
A deposit of 50% of hunt price is required to confirm the hunt date. Balance to be paid on commencement of the hunt in Cash or Traveler’s cheques in U.S. funds. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will confirm your hunt date by phone, email , or mail. A contract and liability waiver will be sent to all hunters when date is chosen to confirm the hunt and what is provided. Deposits will be returned 180 days prior to hunt date if cancellation occurs. If the trip is cancelled within 180 days of the hunt date, the deposit will be forfeited. Your licenses and tags will be an addition cost to you.
I will purchase your license and tags for you, once you have confirmed the desired animals you wish to hunt. Send an approximate amount in U.S. funds, and I will exchange monies and purchase your license and tags. If there is a difference in exchange, I will square up upon commencement of the hunt.
Rates do not include cost of license and tags, Wildlife Conservation Fee, $200.00
License and Tags-Canadian Funds-Prices subject to government changes

Non-resident Alien License                        $189.00              Upland Birds  $52.50
Black Bear                                                  $189.00              Moose          $262.50
Mule Deer                                                   $131.25              Wolf               $52.50
Mountain Lion                                             $241.50              Lynx                $42.00


Lake Fishing

June, July, and August

Two, three, four, and five day fishing trips available to remote lakes. We can also customize your own fishing trip to suit your schedule.

Remote lakes with wild fish populations. $300.00 per person per day (all inclusive) boats, food, accommodation

River Fishing

Quesnel, Cariboo and Swift Rivers with the use of jet boat or drift boat.

$400.00 per person per day (all inclusive) boats, food, accommodation

License's Extra

1 day license - $20.00
8 day license - $50.00
Annual - $80.00
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