moose hunting in bc


Our fall hunts for Moose, Mule Deer, Black Bear and Wolf are conducted by 4 wheel drive, horseback, foot or boat. We have twenty head of well trained pack horses which we use on some hunts. To access a portion of my area, I use the services of an old gold rush town which includes lodging and meals for my one early hunt. We prefer parties of no more than four sportsmen in camp at any time. This enables us to
devote more personal time to our clients and harvest the animals desired. I personally guide on all hunts. We cater to hunters from every ability level. All my guides are experienced in my area.

All meat is packed out. There is a local meat locker and custom meat-cutting service in Quesnel where you can have your game meat cut, wrapped and frozen to your specifications. The cost is reasonable but is not included in the price of the hunt. Taxidermy work is also your responsibility. Field preparation (capping, salting, etc) is done by myself or my guides and is included in the price of the hunt. Hunting time will be temporarily held until your trophy and meat is prepared for the meat locker and prepared for transfer to a taxidermist of your choice.


Our spring hunts for Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, and Wolf are made along the Swift River, Quesnel River, Cariboo Mountain, Porter Creek, and Cariboo River and are conducted in the same manner as my fall hunts.

Once desired game is harvested, you may enjoy fishing at remote lakes near camp within walking or riding distance, provided you have purchased an angling license. There is also an abundant supply of Ruffed Grouse and a few Blue Grouse.

It is up to the guide to determine if the animal was hit enough to be fatal. Every effort must be made to find the animal. It is the hunter's choice to continue the search until the end of the hunt. If the animal is not found it is considered taken and the hunt for that species is finished. If the hunter has other tags he may continue for other species. No refunds will be given upon withdrawl from any hunt in process.


We run a low volume of hunters which has kept our success rate up for 2013 season. We accommodated 12 combo hunters. We never book more than our quota allows. Most of our clients are repeat customers or referrals.                                             

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